Soft Gelatin Capsules are made available in different formulations: pregabaline & methylcobalamin combination, progesterone, isotretinoin, cranberry extract with d-mannose, coenzyme q10 with combination, DHA combinations, vitamin k2 – 7 preparation, and so forth. These capsules’ formulation is done in compliance with the standards. They are rated high in efficacy and quality. We are emerging as the promising Manufacturer and Supplier of Soft Gelatin Capsules in Himachal Pradesh.

Liquid Orals’ formula that we offer is available in the types: calcium preparation, iron preparation, antacids, lycopene combination, dedxtromethorphan combination, cough syrups, and many more. The orals, we offer, match all the standards of quality. They are known for their quality and efficacy. We are standing amid the notable Manufacturers and Suppliers of Liquid Orals in Himachal Pradesh. We also lay emphasis on the packaging part and conquer it in a foolproof manner.

Oral Dry Powder is reckoned the best of such kind available to the market; all owes to its 100% compliant nature. We make it available in forms such as prebiotic & probiotic combination, amoxycillin & clavulanic acid combination, cefexime & clavulanic acid combination, cefpodoxime & clavulanic acid combination, etc. We are counted among the top-notch Manufacturers and Suppliers of Oral Dry Powder in Himachal Pradesh. Our all endeavors are directed towards bringing about a highly efficacious solution.

We bring forth high-quality Medicinal Soap for the countrywide market. We are enlisted with the foremost Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medicinal Soap in Himachal Pradesh. We offer the soap in a list of variants: clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide, vitamin E with aloe vera combination, permithrine, and so forth. The soap’s action is assured to be safe and reliable. And, its quality is tested on all crucial parameters by us.

We can make available our Hair Care Shampoo in the forms: ketoconazole with piroctone olamine, ketoconazole with cyclopiroxolamine, selenium sulphide with clotrimazole and others. The formulation of the shampoo is kept in conformity to the standards. Its cleansing action is ensured to be just the same as desired, whereby safety and reliability are given prime importance. We are enlisted with the premier Manufacturers and Suppliers of Hair Care Shampoo in Himachal Pradesh.

Nutrition Supplements’ range, we have isabgol tablet, sugar-free tablets, ORS powder, protein powder, multivitamin soft gelatin capsule, and many more. All the supplements are kept in line with the industry’s norms. They are effective enough to act in the desirable way. They are doled out quality tested and certified. We are emerging as the promising Manufacturer and Supplier of Nutrition Supplements in Himachal Pradesh.

We work at full throttle and in a prudent way to bring afore an array of high-quality Oncology Medicines for the countrywide market. We are reputed to be among the chief Manufacturers and Suppliers of Oncology Medicines in Himachal Pradesh. We deal in Oncology Capsules, Oncology Tablets, and Oncology Injection. The action of each medicine is ensured to be safe and reliable. And we leave no scope for the doubts on the quality of the products that we offer, as we perform stringent quality tests.
Buyers can avail themselves of a range of well-formulated Pharmaceutical Medicines at reasonable prices from us! We are hailing as the preeminent Manufacturer and Supplier of Pharmaceutical Medicines in Himachal Pradesh. We have stocked up Pharmaceuticals Tablets and Pharmaceutical Injection. Our formulating units and laboratories are equipped with all what it takes to come up with high-quality medicines. And our team of quality controllers keep a keen eye on each stage and ensures that everything is executed in the right way.